The Marines Take Seattle

On Tuesday evening, the United States Marine Corps invaded the main parking lot of the world-renowned Museum of Flight in Seattle. It’s “Marine Week” in Seattle, and as part of the annual Seafair Festival, the Marines were setting up a static display of their aircraft and ground equipment. Open to the public from Wednesday until Sunday, the display is part of the Museum’s “Need for Speed Festival.”

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Air New Zealand expects smooth EIS for 787-9

With the 10 July departure of Air New Zealand’s first Boeing 787-9 on its delivery flight to Auckland, the airline is anticipating a smooth entry-Into-service (EIS) for the first “stretch” Dreamliner. The 787 will flight plan with 180min extended operations (ETOPS) certification, according to Capt Dave Morgan, Air New Zealand’s chief pilot. The airline expects to eventually obtain 240min ETOPS for the 787-9, or 90min fewer than allowed by regulations

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Air New Zealand mum on 787-9 video opportunity

Air New Zealand is not ready to confirm if the launch of the Boeing 787-9 in commercial service will come with one of the Star Alliance carrier’s strategically viral marketing videos. When asked if a new safety video was to be premiered with the introduction of Air New Zealand’s new 787-9, chief financial officer Rob McDonald just smiled and said,“That’s something we keep under wraps.”

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Ramp Operations – What’s Going on Out There?

Your flight has landed, and the plane is pulling up to the gate. You're ready to spring into action as soon as you hear the "we're stopped" chime. But instead of jumping up and waiting in the aisle, why don't you relax in your window seat, and look outside? You do have a window seat, don't you? There's quite the dance of people and equipment happening, all to service the plane and get it ready for its next flight.

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