Toronto Pearson International Airport, Then and Now: Part Two

In 1995, to meet YYZ’s needs through to 2030, the GTAA proposed to replace YYZ’s Terminal 1-Aeroquay and Terminal 2, home of Air Canada, with a new Terminal 1. The logistical and operational challenges were formidable. All airline and airport operations had to be maintained while demolition of existing obsolete infrastructure occurred and new construction began. Not only was a new terminal planned, but 2 new runways, a massive infield operational and cargo area, a specialized de-icing bay and related taxiways and roadways were to be built and integrated into YYZ’s operation.

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Meet Dash, Goliath & Hercules – YVR’s Wildlife Control Experts

Airplanes and birds don't play well together. Just ask Captain Sully and First Officer Jeff, whose encounter with a flock of Canada Geese turned their A320 into a glider. Or talk to the crews of the approximately 150 planes per year at Vancouver International Airport that report bird strikes. Flight safety can be seriously compromised, repair costs for the airlines are huge, passengers are often inconvenienced, and for the birds, well, it's fatal.

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Toronto Pearson International Airport, Then and Now: Part One

By most any measure, Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is big. Canada’s busiest airport has five runways, two terminals with over 110 gates, serves 35 million passengers annually, and has a huge cargo center and the world’s biggest aircraft de-icing facility. 60 airlines serve YYZ with flights to over 150 destinations, it’s the 34th largest airport in the world, and is ranked 2nd largest in international passenger traffic in North America. The airport is home to Air Canada’s largest hub, and as a founding member of Star Alliance, it’s the major Canadian hub for that airline group.

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