Cascade seeks more Hercules support deals.

Cascade Aerospace is leveraging its experience in the management and maintenance of the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF) C-130E/H Hercules fleet into the international marketplace. The company is looking to provide comprehensive upgrades and maintenance, along with ongoing support to the "legacy" Hercules fleet. There are over 1,000 aircraft worldwide, with 800 in the U.S. forces. The remaining 200 aircraft flying with other countries will need to be modernized to continue operations beyond 2020. This represents an upgrade market worth between CA$750 million and CA$1 billion.

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Inflight Review: Air Canada 777, High Density Economy

Here I go again…I’ve been traveling between Vancouver (YVR) and Toronto (YYZ) for decades. I’ve lived and worked in both cities, and family and business trips have taken me back and forth countless times. I’ve flown on pretty well everything, from a “milk-run” DC-9-30 hopping across the country, to business class in the upper deck of a 747-400. The two airports are roughly 2,100 miles (3,400 km) apart, and the direct flying time is usually around 4 hours eastbound, and 4 ½ hours westbound. That’s enough time to enjoy a good flight and service, but hopefully not so much as to turn a bad flight into an unbearable one.

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