The New Baggage Carts Are Here, The New Baggage Carts Are Here!!

Our friend in Vancouver, Chris, is usually running around YVR airport's terminals, ramp, and grounds. With his smartphone in hand, he tweets, blogs, posts, and helps to keep YVR's social media presence timely and responsive. A couple of weeks ago, Chris did stay still for a while, long enough to put together a nifty video announcing the arrival of YVR's 3,000 new baggage carts.

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Revival Mission

The iconic de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter enjoyed an initial 20-year production run before the final plane rolled off the Downsview, Ontario assembly line in 1988. It took almost another 20 years until Viking Air launched the upgraded Series 400 Twin Otter, responding to a market that couldn’t find a replacement for the legacy STOL utility plane. But Viking believes the new version has found its place.

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