It’s Show Time!

People love to watch airplanes. That’s why airshows are one of the world’s most popular spectator events. Aviation enthusiasts will risk sunburn and dehydration to stand at an airport, sunglassed eyes scanning the skies, to watch pilots demonstrate their planes’ performance. Fast-moving and incredibly noisy military jets will make them reach down to cover their kids’ ears, and they’ll haul kilos of photo gear around to “get the shot.”

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The Megajet Arrives! A380 Service Begins At YVR.

Western Canada’s first scheduled Airbus A380 service began on Sunday evening, with the arrival of British Airways flight BA85 at Vancouver International Airport. YVR is the airline's only Canadian A380 destination, and is one of only nine city-pairs worldwide served by one of British Airways’ eleven megajets. The A380 replaces British Airways’ daily London-YVR Boeing 747 service for the summer season.

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