Tape’s Rolling! Sony Resumes Production of Hi8 Cassettes

Sony recently resumed production of professional-grade Hi8 tape cassettes, giving support to a format that’s still in use by airlines worldwide in early-generation in-flight entertainment systems. Introduced in 1989, Sony’s Hi8 tape format was one of the final iterations in the evolution of analog videotape formats that began 60 years ago with massive, two-inch wide, reel-to-reel broadcast videotapes.

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No Roads? No Problem!

Suzanne was in desperate need of a follow-up MRI. Last time, she’d had to endure multiple flights and an all-day trip from her Nunavut village to Montreal for her scan. But today, she and her neighbours watched in awe as a massive, brilliant white hybrid airship slowly approached her village’s frozen harbour. The airship touched down gently on its air-cushion landing gear, stopping right by the shore. This afternoon, the medical professionals in the airship’s fully-equipped imaging clinic would welcome Suzanne for her MRI appointment, steps from her home. And no, this isn’t science fiction.

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Remotely Powered

As the helicopter industry continues to adapt to the challenges faced in the oil-and-gas sector, two long-established operators have added unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services to their portfolios. And rather than starting from the ground up, the Bristow Group and Era Helicopters have partnered with experienced unmanned aircraft system (UAS) companies.

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High Flyer Interview: Craig Richmond, CEO, YVR

Craig Richmond is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR). Craig carved out 15 minutes to speak with Airways about the successes and challenges facing Canada’s Asia-Pacific gateway airport. He has had a long career in airport management worldwide, and re-joined multi-year SkyTrax award-winning YVR in 2013.

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