An AvGeek Look at YWG & Winnipeg

Dear YWG - Somehow, missed the opening of your new terminal in October, 2011. We must have been busy with the 787, A380, airline mergers and stuff like that. But we still want to talk about you. And by the way, we do know that your full name is “Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport”, but frankly, that’s a lot to type over and over. So we’ll just call you YWG. Hope you’re OK with that. Sincerely, Howard at

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Viking Air and the New Twin Otter Series 400

AvGeeks know that there are a few airplanes that are in the "Love ‘em, can’t replace ‘em!" category. The venerable Douglas DC-3 is one. Never duplicated, and still flying, even though the last DC-3 rolled off the assembly line in 1947. The deHavilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter is another. Amazing Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) capability, twin bulletproof Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprops, decent cruise speed, has 19 seats, or it can carry a whack of cargo. But now, Victoria-based Viking Air has restarted production of the Twin Otter, as a new and improved airplane!

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