Picture This

Brian Losito might just have the best airline job, ever. For the past 26 years, Losito has been Air Canada’s Corporate Photographer. He’s travelled throughout the airline’s network, taking photos of people, places and planes in support of Air Canada’s publicity, marketing and advertising efforts. Without a doubt, Losito’s favorite assignment is being airborne, getting amazing air-to-air photos and video of Air Canada’s newest airliners. “We’ve done shoots of the Airbus A340 and the Boeing 777. Then last June, Air Canada took delivery of its first Boeing 787-8,” says Losito.

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Digital Dreamliners

Earlier this year at the Paris Air Show, Boeing test pilots put a 787-9 through its paces in a spectacular aerial demonstration. The new Dreamliner was decked out in the blue and gold livery of Vietnam Airlines, but the people attending the airshow weren’t the only ones to see the amazing maneuverability of the latest version of the 787. Prior to the show, when the pilots practiced their routine at the Moses Lake WA’s airport, Boeing had a high-definition video of the session shot and produced.

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Build Your Own Dreamliner

At Mock Air, APEX’s unofficial carrier, we’re all about the #PaxEx. At least we would be, if we were an actual airline with real aircraft. But one can never be too prepared, so we recently spent a morning at Boeing’s “Dreamliner Gallery,” to think about fitting out the interiors of our fictional fleet of 787s. The 54,000 square foot facility has been open for eight years, and was a “paradigm shift in our interaction with our customers,” says Dan Olson, Dreamliner Gallery Manager.

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Best View in the House

In the midst of the many challenges facing the industry, some of Canada’s helicopters operators are finding a bright spot. Fueled by tourists looking for a new perspective of the Great White North’s fabulous landscapes and skylines, the heli-sightseeing and heli-tourism sector is seeing growth. And with the Canadian dollar’s continued weakness against the U.S. dollar, the tourism industry north of the border is set to receive a serious boost from those looking to take advantage of the generous conversion rate.

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